It is with some amusement that:

1)  I read Daughter’s recent post about the semi-destruction of her iPhone.  Or as someone said to me after the fact, “It’s an iPhone3.  I would have trashed it, too.”

2)  On the day following the iPhone incident, I received no fewer than three emails at work from Daughter inquiring about phone discounts, availability, etc.

3)  I realize that most of my posts that include the phrase “it is with some amusement that” are usually about Daughter and her foibles.

As it so happens, Daughter cracked her phone’s screen, but the device does still, in fact, function.  After a quick discussion with her Mother, we decided it was in the best interests of all concerned to require Daughter to purchase a replacement.

However, though her protestations were not overly dramatic, Daughter did request Brownie Points for not breaking her phone through three years of college.

I unilaterally zeroed out those same Brownie Points after discovering the circumstances surrounding the breakage.

“Don’t you have some kind of case, like an OtterBox or something?” I asked.

“Yes, but I had to take it out so that it would fit into my slinky purse when I went out last night,” she responded.*

*Those were not her actual words, but they were what I heard.

To her credit, Daughter has let the matter drop during the past few days because, I suspect, she’s saving up her energy for Round Two, which will involve the purchase of her new phone — an activity I’m really looking forward to, by the way.

This entire episode got me to thinking about my enabled kids and their priorities compared to mine at the same age.

My Priorities at 23 Years Old:

1)  Wondering where my next meal was coming from.

2)  I really don’t want to itemize this one – sorry.

3)  Wondering where I was going to get gas money.

4)  Playing as much basketball and soccer as possible.

5)  Worrying about obtaining a full-time job after completing graduate school.

My Theoretical List of Daughter’s Priorities at the Same Age:

1)  New cell phone.

2)  New cell phone.

3)  New cell phone.

4)  Trying to get Dad to pay for new cell phone.

5)  New cell phone.

6)  Planning fantasy vacations.

7)  Planning fantasy future employment scenarios.

8)  Organizing pillow fights with friends.

9)  Spending every available non-working hour out “clubbing.”

10)  Sleeping.

11)  Exercising.

Interesting juxtaposition, eh?

I had intended to follow up those two lists with my current priorities, but it’s easier to simply structure it thusly:

1)  Worry about (fill in the blank).

There are no other numbers, unfortunately.

Still, I suppose things could be a lot worse for everyone around here, because the way I figure it, if a broken cell phone screen is the worst thing that happened to us this week, we’ve got it pretty good for the most part.  I have to say, however, that my recognition of our blessings will not translate into the restoration of Lost Brownie Points for Daughter.

However, to demonstrate my magnanimity, I will drive her to the store to pick out her new phone.  I just won’t pay for it, thank you.

- Dad

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Kitten Chronicles aka Blog Post Filler

No! I’m not posting pictures of my foster kittens because I don’t have enough time to write up a quality post! It’s not like I’m miserably – nay – hopelessly behind on my senior thesis. It’s not like these last few weeks I’ve been privileging writing my blog over my school work and thus, now have to scramble to make up for lost time. STOP SUGGESTING THESE TRUE THINGS, PEOPLE OF THE INTERWEBS.

My Dad suggested I stop the blog for a while. I immediately said, “LOLZ, Dad, NO!”

Except I didn’t. I just never texted him back because I actually considered his suggestion for a half-second. I’ve overloaded on classes so that I graduate on-time (ish), I’m taking all writing-intensive courses, and have taken up learning to fiddle on roofs (much different from regular fiddling).

But, in that half-second, I realized I can’t stop.


Okay, so here are pictures of my kittens, Loki and Thor, in lieu of substance. Sorry. (Not sorry.)






- Daughter



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