The Kittens are in the Rebellious Teen Phase

Go home, Kitten, you’re drunk.

But seriously, I walked into my bedroom today and found a kitten asleep in one of my shoes. The smell of tequila and regret wafting through the air mixed with Tidy Cats: Multiple Cats Formula cat litter smell. I sensed mischief.

I consider myself to be relaxed in my parenting style. I let Loki and Thor be themselves, even when it walks the line between good taste and Ke$ha. As long as they are not hurting themselves, I let them be. But this is where I draw the line.

Substance abuse. It’s a serious problem among our nation’s youth. And I will not enable my adopted children to become a statistic. First tequila… and then what, cat nip? And then, they’re going to go and knock up some stray on the street.

You can barely take care of yourself, Loki. I’m not even sure you know how to walk. How are you going to take care of a litter of kittens? How do you expect to provide for a family when all you’ve got is a scratching post and a plastic ball to your name?  Are you satisfied with that kind of life? I raised you better than this. 

No, you’re big adorable blue eyes will not sway me. Stop it. Drugs are bad. Stop trying to hypnotize me.  

I don’t care how cute you look asleep in the shoe. This is not acceptable behavior and I will not tolerate it under my roof. 

Dear God, it’s… so cute. I’m dying. Okay, stay with me forever. You are forgiven. 

- Daughter

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Kitten Chronicles aka Blog Post Filler

No! I’m not posting pictures of my foster kittens because I don’t have enough time to write up a quality post! It’s not like I’m miserably – nay – hopelessly behind on my senior thesis. It’s not like these last few weeks I’ve been privileging writing my blog over my school work and thus, now have to scramble to make up for lost time. STOP SUGGESTING THESE TRUE THINGS, PEOPLE OF THE INTERWEBS.

My Dad suggested I stop the blog for a while. I immediately said, “LOLZ, Dad, NO!”

Except I didn’t. I just never texted him back because I actually considered his suggestion for a half-second. I’ve overloaded on classes so that I graduate on-time (ish), I’m taking all writing-intensive courses, and have taken up learning to fiddle on roofs (much different from regular fiddling).

But, in that half-second, I realized I can’t stop.


Okay, so here are pictures of my kittens, Loki and Thor, in lieu of substance. Sorry. (Not sorry.)






- Daughter



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