Litigator Karl Heideck Begins Private Practice in Philadelphia and Jenkintown

Life experiences have taught Karl Heideck that the journey to becoming a licensed and reputable attorney in Pennsylvania is lengthy, requiring 13 years of studies and work. Attorneys are required to obtain licenses in the state they are conducting business to practice law and become a licensed litigator. This happens between six and eight years after earning a bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor from accredited colleges and universities. Mr. Heideck has nearly seven years of legal work and practice experiences in general law, specifically specializing in litigation, risk management review, and compliance. He prepares himself for private practice in Jenkintown, Philadelphia, and nearby areas.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and earned a bachelor’s degree, in 2003. He was determined to move closer to becoming a licensed litigator and entered Templeton University Beasley School of Law, receiving a JD, in 2009. Most students generally earn their BA in political science, accounting, finance, history, English, government, or related law studies. Education is the first step to entering the legal field and prepares graduates with expertise in the litigation process and courtroom proceedings. They development essential skills for negotiation, dispute resolution, communication, settlement, and passing the state bar exam.

While working as an attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck received much experience filing complaints on behalf of clients and responding to complaints. He has hands on experience of the complete litigation process; including obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial, and post trial. The litigation process experience also included filing motions and responses for defendants; and appeals. Heideck takes legal action against individuals and organizations for clients, and also defends them when law are brought against them.

The journey for Karl Heideck will continue in Pennsylvania as he increases presence in his home state while constantly building up his reputable. The rising litigator is board certified and licensed for nearly seven years in Philadelphia, practicing general law. General law practice is board and comprises of variety of law specialties; including family, business, litigation, real estate, criminal, and insurance. Heideck is ready for private practice and has six years of work history in the legal professional industry.

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