Wengie Challenges Japanese Makeup VS American Makeup

Wengie went on a trip to Tokyo where she met makeup expert Michelle Phan. Wengie told us about Igari makeup that makes you look like you had a little too much to drink and have little flush on the cheeks. Many Japanese wear circle lenses to make their eyes look larger and brighter rather than as corrective lenses.  Japanese primer goes on smoothly and has a sunscreen. This primer has a slightly tacky and porous finish. Wengie demonstrated BB cream that gives the skin a dewey, brightening finish. The concealer is used to cover imperfections including dark eye circles. Igari eyebrows are supposed to be thick and straight. For those women who have their hair dyed, eyebrow mascara comes in many shades. Soft peach is a popular Japanese shade of eyeshadow. The Japanese believe brown eyeliner is better than black for a natural feathery look. Natural and curled lashes are big in Japan. The blush is supposed to mimick how a person looks when he has a hangover or a baby’s flush. Finally, Japanese lipstick is supposed to be glossy.


Wengie made a comparison between the American and Japanese makeup styles. The American makeup trend these days is inspired by Kylie Jenner. American primer goes on smoothly and slippery. It has a drier touch than Japanese primers. American beauty creams have slightly yellowish undertone and a matte finish. Americans use concealer as a highlighter. It’s usually a shade lighter than your foundation. American concealers can also be used to cover imperfections and create the illusion of higher cheek bones. In America, the arched eyebrow is in. To create clean and sharp lines, concealer can be used on the edges. Nude and brown shades of eyeshadow is popular in America. Today, the style is the winged look in eyeliner because it lifts up your eyes and makes them look sexy. Kylie Jenner inspired the glam and dramatic eye lash look. In America, blush is supposed to create a chistled and contour loom from the apples to the temples. In America, lipstick should have matte finish that is clean on the edges.