Adam Milstein’s Work And Experiences Shared With Ideamensch

Adam Milstein is a man that’s been known for his philanthropy and leadership in pro-Israel and Jewish university groups. Not as much has been said about his job at Hager Pacific Properties, the company he cofounded after finishing graduate school in 1986. As Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein is in charge of financing and management of the company’s various commercial and residential luxury properties. He was asked by Ideamensch to share a little more information about what his job entailed.


He told Ideamensch that he entered commercial real estate because he felt it was a better option than most of the other available jobs coming out of graduate school. One thing Milstein has loved is going out on his own and finding his own way to solve problems, and he says entrepreneurs shouldn’t wait for others to come up with solutions for them. A typical day at Milstein’s job could have a variety of surprises, and even Milstein admits he is never certain about what the routine at the office will be. Milstein says his involvement in philanthropy is a huge part of what makes his work special.


Adam Milstein was in the Israeli Defense Forces and building framing before moving to the US and starting Hager Pacific Properties. His parents moved to Israel at the beginning of its new sovereign statehood in 1948. His father also fought in the military during the war of independence before starting the building framing profession that Adam worked alongside him in. Adam’s time in the IDF included the Yom Kippur War and fighting in the division that brought about Egypt’s surrender. His education includes a bachelor’s degree from the Technion, and a master’s from USC.


Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably back in 1974, and together the couple has spent many years looking to effect positive change in the Jewish American community. They have been working to provide families with Hebrew learning material and heritage textbooks. They also work with religious leaders and politicians through organizations such as the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs and Jerusalem U. Milstein also writes columns from time to time at the Jerusalem Post.

Wengie Challenges Japanese Makeup VS American Makeup

Wengie went on a trip to Tokyo where she met makeup expert Michelle Phan. Wengie told us about Igari makeup that makes you look like you had a little too much to drink and have little flush on the cheeks. Many Japanese wear circle lenses to make their eyes look larger and brighter rather than as corrective lenses.  Japanese primer goes on smoothly and has a sunscreen. This primer has a slightly tacky and porous finish. Wengie demonstrated BB cream that gives the skin a dewey, brightening finish. The concealer is used to cover imperfections including dark eye circles. Igari eyebrows are supposed to be thick and straight. For those women who have their hair dyed, eyebrow mascara comes in many shades. Soft peach is a popular Japanese shade of eyeshadow. The Japanese believe brown eyeliner is better than black for a natural feathery look. Natural and curled lashes are big in Japan. The blush is supposed to mimick how a person looks when he has a hangover or a baby’s flush. Finally, Japanese lipstick is supposed to be glossy.


Wengie made a comparison between the American and Japanese makeup styles. The American makeup trend these days is inspired by Kylie Jenner. American primer goes on smoothly and slippery. It has a drier touch than Japanese primers. American beauty creams have slightly yellowish undertone and a matte finish. Americans use concealer as a highlighter. It’s usually a shade lighter than your foundation. American concealers can also be used to cover imperfections and create the illusion of higher cheek bones. In America, the arched eyebrow is in. To create clean and sharp lines, concealer can be used on the edges. Nude and brown shades of eyeshadow is popular in America. Today, the style is the winged look in eyeliner because it lifts up your eyes and makes them look sexy. Kylie Jenner inspired the glam and dramatic eye lash look. In America, blush is supposed to create a chistled and contour loom from the apples to the temples. In America, lipstick should have matte finish that is clean on the edges.



Highland Capital Management growth patterns

Highland Capital Management, L.P was founded in the year 1993 by Mark Okanda and James Dondero. The company is a registered SEC investment advisor and accumulated approximately $15.4 billion worth of assets together with its affiliates. Highland is an alternative credit management giant in the market. The company specializes in credit strategies which include credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special situation private capital. Highland is also famous in offering alternative investments such as natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short capital funds. Highland Capital Management has a diverse customer base which includes companies, financial bodies, high net value persons and endowments among others. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas but holds branches in Singapore, New York, Korea, Sao Polo and Seoul.


Highland Capital Management Korea L.T.D, an associate of the Highland Capital Management L.P which is located in Dallas, closed its total capital commitment in healthcare equity fund with a total of $147 million. One of the major investors in this fund is the Korean Pension Service. The investors of this fund have their core objectives in the healthcare space amid the investment returns. This fund is the first one, in the healthcare space, for the company.


Highland participates highly in community activities. For instance, in the year 2016, James Dondero announced that the firm had awarded a $1million challenge grant to assist The Family Place Dallas. The Family Place Dallas is an organization helping the victims of family violence. The special announcement was made at the 21st Family Place Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards.


In the year 2016, Highlands made a special announcement of a new entrant. Brad Eden as the Investor Relations and Global Head of Marketing. Brad Eden has over 30 year’s leadership experience in investment institutions. Eden’s experience includes in Fund Evaluation Group which is one of the largest investment Consulting Company. The major addition will help Highland growth plans and in ensuring they meet the rising client’s needs.

Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Czar

Thor Halvorssen, a 39-year-old human rights activist, would pass the test for a troublemaker rather than a human right activist any day; however, once you get familiar with the man this is an opinion that is bound to change without any doubt. Mr Thor is a knowledgeable human rights activist whose first-hand experiences helped him in 2005 to establish the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York. In addition to his experience, he holds a degree in political science and history from the University of Pennsylvania.

Thor Halvorssen’s human rights activity are not inclined on partisan support. He considers himself a classical liberal who is a friend to all those with the same course as him. His works have earned him a wide range of associates. With the only one mission of unmasking dictators who he grew up disliking, Thor has turned out to be a favorite 20th century activist with a 21st-century mindset.

His struggles and activism, however, have not been all easy; some have been earned through dialogue while others through the harsh hands of the law. One such scenario was the 2010’s interview with Thich Quang Do, a Patriarch whose had been banned and put under 28 years of house arrest by his government. Thor managed to get into the monastery with his cameraman to interview the man, however, on exiting, he was arrested, beaten up by the Vietnamese authorities, and later detained. Although he was able to get out of detention by convincing the authorities he was at the place merely as a Buddhist seeker, it was after getting his fair share of beatings. Click here to watch video.

Thor Harlvorssen’s human rights story would not be complete without the mention of his Oslo Freedom Forum for human rights launched in 2009. To Thor, Oslo is more than just a forum it is his heartbeat. The forum unites human rights from all over the world and seeks to liberate individuals from tyrants and bring them democracy and freedom.

With the bulk of Thor energy, thoughts, and resources going towards human rights liberation, we are guaranteed of securing a brighter future for our generation.

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Dick And Betsy DeVos’s Charity Amounts Revealed In Past Year

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have been highly involved in politics and activism over their careers and thanks to their outstanding track record in education reform, Betsy DeVos was chosen to be the 11th US Secretary of Education. Dick DeVos and his wife have certainly been compensated well in business both while Dick was CEO of Amway Corporation, and after he retired to become a private investor through The Windquest Group. Betsy was the Michigan Republican Party chairperson both in 1996-2000, and then again in 2004. Dick ran for governor in the 2006 race which he lost to Jennifer Granholm. The DeVos’s have influenced Grand Rapids through their charity work which at the confirmation hearings was revealed to be $139 million in total lifetime giving, though even that number did not include some unaccounted for funds.


While their giving did not start with the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which was started in 1992, the foundation did become a cornerstone for many other non-profits they helped establish. Education became their first goal because Dick DeVos saw how important quality education was for young people, and he and Betsy wanted to give low income families a chance to have the same opportunities their own children had. Their first education philanthropy came through scholarship programs at Education Freedom Fund and Children First America which partnered with the Children’s Scholarship to make the endeavor happen. In 2003 they established a charter school support group known as the Great Lakes Education Projects, and in 2010 they began the West Michigan Aviation Academy to provide an advanced curriculum for students.


Dick DeVos also has funded civic organizations in Grand Rapids including Grand Action, originally known as Grand Vision. This organization works with city leaders to bring in new entertainment, arts, libraries, museums and commercial developments to downtown Grand Rapids. His art funding also includes ArtPrize, a competition that encourages young people to create painted, sculpted and other ingenious works of art. He’s also given to children’s hospitals and health facilities and was given the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award.


Dick DeVos is Richard DeVos Sr.’s son and the brother of Daniel, Douglas and Cheri DeVos. The DeVos family is very close to former President Gerald Ford’s family and currently owns most of the shares of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Richard DeVos Sr. cofounded Amway Corporation in 1957, and Dick learned from him a lot of ethics and guidelines in managing a business. Dick graduated from Northwood University and began working in his family’s company in 1974 at age 19. At age 29 he was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He left the company at age 34 and started The Windquest Group along with his wife Betsy during this time. He returned to the company in 1993 and became CEO, expanding Amway into 50 new countries and generating sales of over $4 billion in his last year alone. He retired in 2002 and focused on The Windquest Group’s investments and his non-profit work.


Eric Pulier on Philanthropy and Technology

Eric Pulier has become something of an unnamed force in the technological world. He is equal parts a writer and entrepreneur as well as a giving philanthropist whose work will be felt for generations. Pulier’s done a lot in his career and it is always interesting to look back and see just how he became the man he is today. The tech world is notoriously unforgiving and always ready to edge people out, so how did Pulier hold on in order to become the success that he is today?


We’ll start Pulier’s career off by talking about what happened in the middle with his work at XPrize. XPrize is the most revolutionary of all of the work that Pulier has done and it has garnered acclaim from all around the planet. XPrize is a foundation that pools together talented people who want to innovate the world of technology. XPrize has been around for years now, awarding individuals and teams for their hard work up to and including innovation for NASA. That’s pretty impressive stuff for what could be considered just a small part of his career.


Any discussion of Eric Pulier has to turn his work as a philanthropist. Pulier has worked night and day to innovate in philanthropy as well as anywhere else. You might have heard of his work with Painted Turtle and if you haven’t it is definitely worth reading up on. Painted Turtle is a camp for children that suffer from chronic illness. The camp gives these children a chance to connect with others, have fun, and get out of their own skin for a minute while giving them money for the medical needs that they have. Pulier also worked to develop a social media platform for suffering children that he called Starbright World.


All in all it is amazing to see how Eric Pulier managed to come up through the ’80s and into the bursting tech world that is the early ’90s and 2000s. It seems like his hard work is going to echo on for a long time and we are interested to see what he does next.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Ideas in Relation to Treating Cancer

Data is required for the successful treatment of cancer. According to Eric Lefkofsky there is not enough data available. For this reason he established Tempus. The company’s goal is the establishment of databases of information to aid in cancer treatment. Mr Lefkofsky believes the data must combine therapeutic data and genomic information.

Lefkofsky became interested in cancer research when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He realized doctors often do not have the data they require to give their patients the best possible treatment. This is where Tempus will help. The company is using existing medical records and pathology systems to establish a data pool. This establishes the existing patterns between the current treatments and their results.

Lefkofsky gives a perfect example as to why this data is so critical. In the case of a group of patients with breast cancer taking Herceptin there is no way to know why the drug worked on forty percent of the patients but not the other sixty. Additional data explaining what is happening with the patients who are not responding is needed. They may be on other drugs or diabetic. Without the additional data this is not clear.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and one of the founders of Tempus. He is also one of the founding partners of Lightbank. This is a venture fund who invests in the field of disruptive technologies. Lefkofsky is also recognized as one of the founders of Groupon and Uptake technologies.

Lefkofsky and his wife Liz established the LefkofskyFamily Foundation in 2016. This is a charitable foundation that enhances the lives of the people in the communities they are involved in. He holds the position of Trustee for the Lurie Children’s Hospital located in Chicago, Illinois and is the Chairman of the Board for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company also located in Chicago. Lefkofsky works at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor and has written the Accelerated Disruption. Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan and also attended the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor.

– Co-founder and CEO @ Tempus | Crunchbase

Life Line Screening Professional Services and Workers

Life Line Screening is devoted to ensuring quality and wellness services to our clients. We trust our colleagues are our most prominent resources, finest representatives and most strikingly, enthusiastic about the general population they serve. That is the reason we constantly assess our procedures to guarantee that we work according to our qualities: perfection, respectability, responsibility, collaboration, advancement, and leadership.

We endeavor to be an association that encourages correspondence, learning, gratefulness, and health. We empower and welcome insightful thoughts from our whole worldwide group. With a specific end goal to enable our representatives, we offer training and development chances to ensure workers can grow personally and professionally. Employee performance and contribution is rewarded via a recognition program and competitive compensation. Life line Screening keep workers informed of business guidance and organization plan, and listens to employees’ feedback. We recognize new thinking and innovation that applies into operation with all job functions. Click here to know more.

As our organization keeps on advancing, so does our necessity for qualified, devoted experts who look forward to unite with our group. Our entire ultrasound screenings are painless and non-invasive the same case with EKG atrial fibrillation, also referred irregular heartbeat. Our screenings additionally require no planning or little preparation. Some screenings may require some hours of fasting, while others may need short sleeves or loose clothing. Life line Screening we do our best to make it as simple as feasible for our clients to take control of their well-being.

At Life Line Screening, our objective does not entail replacing the services provided by hospital. But as the leading supplier of society-based preventive health screenings in the country, we operate to strengthen, build and support associations with hospitals in communities we serve. Via our hospital partnership programs, Life Line Screening is committed to ensure more individuals become aware of health problems and motivate them to go for follow-up care by personal physicians.

Wessex Careers- UK

Wessex- A Great Place To Begin!

Sow the seeds for your future career at Wessex Institute of Technology. They are a multi-faceted school located in Southampton. If you have ever wanted to go on to help design high-tech security systems or delve into the inner workings of loss prevention by using computer modeling, then this is the school for you.

Get off that dead-end street and start your new life today at the Wessex Institute of Technology. It will certainly not be a wasted effort.

Rona Borre and Her Phenomenal Rise to Success

Phenomenal is a much used superlative, but it is very appropriate when describing the accomplishments of Rona Borre. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Borre went to work for a large staffing firm where she proceeded to lead the company in sales, setting every sales record the company ever had.


Borre decided that she had achieved all that could be done with that company, so she decided to form her company, which she did in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo. At first, it was only Rona and her pet bulldog, Henry, but as things got going, Instant Alliance, her new company, became instant news in the windy city of Chicago. Check for more details.


That was fifteen years ago, and today Instant Alliance is one of the fastest growing staffing firms in the nation. Rona Borre has a system that most staffing companies fail to use. She knows that the key employees for growing companies are technological and finance professionals because these are the individuals who can get a growing company to the next level. Visit


So Borre and her account executives spend an extraordinary amount of time doing their research by asking key people in the hiring company all about what and who the need to fill the position. They also get to know the leaders of the company very well. When the compile their needed information, they go out and find the one individual who fits the description. The amazing statistic is that over the past 15 years, there has only been a 1% dropoff rate of people hired in this manner.


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