Goettl Provides Information On Staying Cool And Comfortable This Summer

Staying cool as we remain energy efficient means far more then simply looking for the best ways of keeping a home cool with high interior temperatures, instead it can mean taking a look at the whole home and seeking out the best ways of making sure every aspect of a home remains cool. The work of the Goettl brand has been brought to the attention of the public in the form of the article “Goettl Tells All”, which provides information about remaining cool without driving up utility bills.

Just what is classed as comfortable? This question has been addressed by Goettl as their technicians recommend keeping the thermostat located as close to 78 degrees as possible, as every degree below this temperature increases energy use by eight percent. Utility bills can also be driven up by an HVAC unit that has not been serviced correctly by Goettl’s professional group of technicians; making sure simple aspects of HVAC maintenance are handled correctly can make all the difference with air filters not changed on time having a big impact on the energy efficiency seen in any HVAC system.

After Ken Goodrich took control of Goettl in 2014 he decided the brand needed to return to its position as one of the most important parts of the community in the states of Arizona and Nevada; in both states the Goettl brand has played a key role in bringing new HVAC systems to the homes of those who cannot afford to repair or replace their existing systems free of charge.

Goettl has recently been making a steady and spectacular return to the state of Nevada under the leadership of Ken Goodrich, who has made it clear Goettl will continue to place customer service above simply looking for the highest available profit from any job being completed.

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