Thor Halvorssen the Human Rights Czar

Thor Halvorssen, a 39-year-old human rights activist, would pass the test for a troublemaker rather than a human right activist any day; however, once you get familiar with the man this is an opinion that is bound to change without any doubt. Mr Thor is a knowledgeable human rights activist whose first-hand experiences helped him in 2005 to establish the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York. In addition to his experience, he holds a degree in political science and history from the University of Pennsylvania.

Thor Halvorssen’s human rights activity are not inclined on partisan support. He considers himself a classical liberal who is a friend to all those with the same course as him. His works have earned him a wide range of associates. With the only one mission of unmasking dictators who he grew up disliking, Thor has turned out to be a favorite 20th century activist with a 21st-century mindset.

His struggles and activism, however, have not been all easy; some have been earned through dialogue while others through the harsh hands of the law. One such scenario was the 2010’s interview with Thich Quang Do, a Patriarch whose had been banned and put under 28 years of house arrest by his government. Thor managed to get into the monastery with his cameraman to interview the man, however, on exiting, he was arrested, beaten up by the Vietnamese authorities, and later detained. Although he was able to get out of detention by convincing the authorities he was at the place merely as a Buddhist seeker, it was after getting his fair share of beatings. Click here to watch video.

Thor Harlvorssen’s human rights story would not be complete without the mention of his Oslo Freedom Forum for human rights launched in 2009. To Thor, Oslo is more than just a forum it is his heartbeat. The forum unites human rights from all over the world and seeks to liberate individuals from tyrants and bring them democracy and freedom.

With the bulk of Thor energy, thoughts, and resources going towards human rights liberation, we are guaranteed of securing a brighter future for our generation.

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