Eric Pulier on Philanthropy and Technology

Eric Pulier has become something of an unnamed force in the technological world. He is equal parts a writer and entrepreneur as well as a giving philanthropist whose work will be felt for generations. Pulier’s done a lot in his career and it is always interesting to look back and see just how he became the man he is today. The tech world is notoriously unforgiving and always ready to edge people out, so how did Pulier hold on in order to become the success that he is today?


We’ll start Pulier’s career off by talking about what happened in the middle with his work at XPrize. XPrize is the most revolutionary of all of the work that Pulier has done and it has garnered acclaim from all around the planet. XPrize is a foundation that pools together talented people who want to innovate the world of technology. XPrize has been around for years now, awarding individuals and teams for their hard work up to and including innovation for NASA. That’s pretty impressive stuff for what could be considered just a small part of his career.


Any discussion of Eric Pulier has to turn his work as a philanthropist. Pulier has worked night and day to innovate in philanthropy as well as anywhere else. You might have heard of his work with Painted Turtle and if you haven’t it is definitely worth reading up on. Painted Turtle is a camp for children that suffer from chronic illness. The camp gives these children a chance to connect with others, have fun, and get out of their own skin for a minute while giving them money for the medical needs that they have. Pulier also worked to develop a social media platform for suffering children that he called Starbright World.


All in all it is amazing to see how Eric Pulier managed to come up through the ’80s and into the bursting tech world that is the early ’90s and 2000s. It seems like his hard work is going to echo on for a long time and we are interested to see what he does next.


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