End Citizens United Aims To Establish Transparency In The Government, Strives To Give People A Say In Politics

The United States has been experiencing a political uproar owing to the current ruling over the government. A simple look at any news outlet and you will see numerous people protesting over the various new laws and policies that are being put into place. Simply put, it would seem that many citizens in the country are against the currently political party in power, and thus numerous organisations are aiming to empower people for this fight against the political systems on alternet.org.

A few years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States of America passed a law labelled as Citizens United which puts the large companies in the same position of power as the ordinary people, thus allowing organisations to function as a human entity. Simply put, corporations on endcitizensunited.org were personified and given the same rights as a person. This allowed numerous influential organisations to enter the world of politics, in turn letting the flow of money in the political world expand beyond what it used to be. In other words, big organisations who had a lot more money were able to have their voice heard, and the common middle-class man faced quite the contrary.

It is common for people to feel like they hold no significance in their political system just because of the sheer fact that they might not have as much money as some of the big players who are involved with the political parties in power on endcitizensunited.org. However, in a society where it is only constitutional to give people say in their governance, this shouldn’t be the case. People should have the right to have their voices heard to express their grievances even if they are ordinary citizens like a school teacher or a stay at home mother. When money and politics are mixed, it commonly leads to corruption within the government, which only leads to the exploitation of the people on a larger scale.

End Citizens United is an organization founded with the idea of giving the people say in political matters. The organisation believes that everyone is equal and money should not be a factor in choosing the government representatives. As of late, in light of Donald Trump’s presidency, the organisation aims to bring about changes in the current political system and is hoping for a chance to re-elect the leaders who will take over the government positions. End Citizens United supports the democratic party. The Democratic leaders have all shown interest in the kind of issues that End Citizens United wants to combat. As these ideas resonate with the Democratic party, End Citizens United wants to re-elect democratic members to lead government positions.

End Citizens United has been founded by various grassroots funders who all share a similar goal and perspective about the current state of American politics.

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