End Citizens United Aims To Establish Transparency In The Government, Strives To Give People A Say In Politics

The United States has been experiencing a political uproar owing to the current ruling over the government. A simple look at any news outlet and you will see numerous people protesting over the various new laws and policies that are being put into place. Simply put, it would seem that many citizens in the country are against the currently political party in power, and thus numerous organisations are aiming to empower people for this fight against the political systems on alternet.org.

A few years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States of America passed a law labelled as Citizens United which puts the large companies in the same position of power as the ordinary people, thus allowing organisations to function as a human entity. Simply put, corporations on endcitizensunited.org were personified and given the same rights as a person. This allowed numerous influential organisations to enter the world of politics, in turn letting the flow of money in the political world expand beyond what it used to be. In other words, big organisations who had a lot more money were able to have their voice heard, and the common middle-class man faced quite the contrary.

It is common for people to feel like they hold no significance in their political system just because of the sheer fact that they might not have as much money as some of the big players who are involved with the political parties in power on endcitizensunited.org. However, in a society where it is only constitutional to give people say in their governance, this shouldn’t be the case. People should have the right to have their voices heard to express their grievances even if they are ordinary citizens like a school teacher or a stay at home mother. When money and politics are mixed, it commonly leads to corruption within the government, which only leads to the exploitation of the people on a larger scale.

End Citizens United is an organization founded with the idea of giving the people say in political matters. The organisation believes that everyone is equal and money should not be a factor in choosing the government representatives. As of late, in light of Donald Trump’s presidency, the organisation aims to bring about changes in the current political system and is hoping for a chance to re-elect the leaders who will take over the government positions. End Citizens United supports the democratic party. The Democratic leaders have all shown interest in the kind of issues that End Citizens United wants to combat. As these ideas resonate with the Democratic party, End Citizens United wants to re-elect democratic members to lead government positions.

End Citizens United has been founded by various grassroots funders who all share a similar goal and perspective about the current state of American politics.


Dr. Clay Siegall currently serves in three positions in Seattle Genetics a company he co-founded, he is the CEO, the Chairman as well as the president. He did not just get to this positions he had interest in the field, he attained a B.S degree in Zoology from Maryland University and went ahead to get a P.H.D in Genetics this is after achieving his doctorate from the University of Washington. Further, he has experience in the medical fields as he has worked for nearly a decade for two medical research centers. Also, he serves as a board member to several private biotechnology companies such as Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, and Mirna Therapeutics.

On Dec 7, 2016 Smartmoney posted an article about Dr. Clay and Seattle Genetics looking at the company net worth and the company contribution to the cancer world. According to the article, Clay is a man to be celebrated for contributing to cancer research intensively currently holding 15 patents and has 70 publications on cancer research. Further, according to the article, DR.Clay does hold a prestigious position in the greatest Cancer Research & Development Centers that is Seattle Genetics. The company is into biotechnology but specializes in commercialization and development of antibody based therapy. The company has included a very beneficial drug, an antibody in their therapy that conjugates and directly injects cancer cells with killing agents. The company is not only succeeding in cancer treatment but it is contributing to the economy, and as of 2016, the company estimated net worth was $ 4.7 Billion. The company is indeed ready for commercialization.


Helane Morrison: The Magnificent Career Life of Helane

Helane Morrison has often sparked conversations of compliance. She is known to have a decorated compliance career life. She has always been a huge advocator for business ethics, something that she continues to portray in all posts held. She was particularly concerned with the financial crisis of the year 2008 and how it affected the people, in terms of unemployment. She shone light on how desperation for jobs caused employers to use them to their advantage.


Morrison is the true definition of a compliance officer. As these role continues to gain popularity, not many people can say that hey truly understand it, by simply looking at various roles carried out by compliance officers. The case is different for Morrison. She may not be in charge of making the rules. But, she does make sure that rules are followed by companies and that preventative strategies are formulated so as to avoid compliance breaches.


Being the elite that she is, Helane Morrison’s education background is reflected by her career to its totality. She graduated from the Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She later attended Berkley’s University of California School of Law and graduated in the year 1984 with a Juris Doctor. Subsequently she worked as the California’s Law Review as its chief editor. Three years after attaining her Juris Doctor, she was admitted to California’s state bar.


Fresh from law school, she had the opportunity to get real life law experience by working for Richard. A. Posner, who at the time worked for the Court of Appeal. Then, she was only a clerk. One year later she moved to work for Supreme Court’s Harry Blackmun, also as a clerk. She spent another year at the service of Blackmun before leaving to work for the San Francisco based Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. 5 years of proving herself and she was made a partner. She continued working at the law firm for five more years before being appointed by the Securities Exchange Commission, where she headed the San Francisco regional branch.


Morrison worked there for some years, being promoted to various levels including district administrator and then the regional director. Having worked for SEC for a decade and with over two decades of experience, she joined Hall Capital Partners LLC. Today, she continues to work for this company as the chief compliance officer.

Equities First Provides Loans, Other Financials to Businesses

Many times, a business or private investor may need a loan to continue a project and Equities First Holdings, LLC provides this capital money worldwide via offices in London, Perth, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Founded in 2002, Equities First is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and specializes in supplying loans via evaluating a client’s holdings of stocks, bonds and treasuries based on their risk and future performance potential. Equities First provides capital against shares that are traded on public exchanges globally, and has to its record completed hundreds of transactions valued at over a billion dollars.

They provide loans that are stock based, which normally has a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans, as well as a fixed interest rate. Plus, this type of loan can be used for any purpose the borrower desires. This makes the loan more attractive to clients since it is more stable.

This type of financial product helps clients borrow the money they need at a lower cost and with better terms than some traditional forms of financing. These clients may not qualify for a traditional loan, and that makes Equities Holding more popular than ever as an alternative financial source.

Equities first is seeing growth in several markets, such as in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia, according to their managing director, Jeff Smith. He said that they are accepting shares for collateral from places worldwide and are hence able to offer financial solutions to many new customers.

Equities First also is gaining strategic partners such as custodian banks, investment banks, law firms, etc. from all over the world, so it can expand its reach and add more clients.

So, if an investor or business anywhere in the world needs to borrow money, Equities First should be their first stop for all their financial needs.

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