Alien Movies That Are Worth Watching


There are tons of alien movies. One thing that could be said about them is that there are a wide variety of them. Alien movies can work on any genre. Alien films could be action, comedy, romance, horror, and others, even the odd western mash up like Cowboys and Aliens with famous wester actors.




This is a heartwarming story of an alien that has gotten lost on planet earth. He befriends a family that wants to help him get home.  But there are some moments that are so funny it almost belongs on a list of 1990s comedy films.  But rest assured there are still unbelievably heartwarming moments as well.




This is perhaps one of the scarier films in the genre. A group of explorers are taken to a planet where they inadvertently bring a dangerous creature with them. The creature causes a lot of issues on the ship when it matures.




The sequel to Alien. This film does keep a lot of the horror elements of the first film, but it takes a more action oriented approach to the film. At its heart, the film is about gaining the courage to face one’s fears.

Alien 3


This is perhaps the most misunderstood of the series. For one thing, it has been plagued with studio interference all throughout the production. Also, the editing has hurt the film. The assembly cut that was released later has corrected a lot of the issues. The assembly cut of Alien 3 is pretty much on par with the first two.

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