Mike Baur Helping Startups to Transform Ideas into Successful Businesses

Swiss Start Up Factory is a leading accelerator headquartered in Zurich that identifies ambitious entrepreneurs and helps them to launch a prosperous business empire. The company opened its door in 2014. The firm runs a Startup Accelerator Program for three months and offers an exceptional platform of financing, mentoring, training, office space centrally located in Zurich, and a broad entrepreneurial network. The main aim of the Zurich-based firm is to assist startups to put their ideas into action within a span of three months.

Why the accelerator program is exceptional

Swiss Start up Factory (SSUF) works in close collaboration with its startups. The startups are offered an opportunity to interact with SSUF’s founders. That way, young entrepreneurs can access professional guidance from veteran investors. SSUF avails all the necessary tools startups will require to develop and grow. These include a broad array of financing options, experienced trainers/mentors, and a strong global network.


Swiss Start Up has agreed to team up with Fintech Accelerator Fusion that is based in Geneva. The two accelerators will partner on the pre-selection procedure of startup, close cooperation with colleges and universities, joint event, mentor network exchange, and provision of shared office space to new startups. The partnership will mainly focus on Fintech as well as other ICT topics.

Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a smart Swiss entrepreneur and a leading investor. He developed interests in the discipline of Finance and Banking during his teenage life. Baur was able to make a professional career out of his early passion. He spent more than 20 years as an employee in the Swiss Private Banking and ascended to an executive board member at the acclaimed Swiss Private Bank. In 2014, the young Baur quit his job and began his entrepreneurial journey. Along his two partners, Baur established Swiss Startup Factor, a privately financed and a leading ICT Startup Accelerator headquartered in Switzerland.

Baur makes an impact in the entrepreneurial world through supporting several Swiss Startups both as a role model and financially. He is an active member of Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. His primary goal is to help young entrepreneurs to start not only their businesses but also expand them. Baur is academically well endowed; he is a holder of an MBA from the esteemed University of Rochester New York. Additionally, he is an alumnus of the University of Bern holding an Executive MBA. Baur enjoys working with entrepreneurial startups. Finding lasting solutions to challenges that face startups is his main agenda.

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