I Got Shamed by Two 11-Year-Old Girls

My cousins are in town right now and they are up to their noses in technology. One has an iPad and the other has an iPhone 5. I have an iPhone 3, which works perfectly fine for me. However, my lack of an updated iPhone was not lost on my cousins.

Cousin #1: “What version of iPhone is this?”

Me: “It’s a 3.”

Cousin #1: “Well, when’s your free update?”

Me: “I don’t get free updates.”

Cousin #1: “I’m  getting an iPhone 5 in October and then I’ll have a better phone than you.”

Me: “Yes, yes you will.”

Cousin #2: “And then, poor you, your only friend will be your dog.”

Now, I’ve never been super crazy about keeping up with the latest model of technology. Mostly because I am poor and am trying to slowly, slowly (stop laughing, Dad!) extricate myself financially from my parents’ very comfortable financial embrace.

When I was my cousins’ age, around 10-11 ish, I’m sure I was all about keeping up with the Joneses too. But now, I see things differently. I do my own hair (not well, but I do it). I decorate my room with things I’ve made. My laptop, which has lived for almost five years now, is puttering and coughing like one of Dad’s fixer-upper cars. It is loud and proud. But I still use it even though it gives me second-degree burns and will probably blow up one day.

I briefly felt ashamed for my lackluster technology after this exchange with my cousins but then I realized I am not defined by my possessions but rather, I choose how I define myself.

This epiphany did not stop me from going to Amazon to check out prices for an iPhone 5. Yep, still outta my price range.

- Daughter

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2 thoughts on “I Got Shamed by Two 11-Year-Old Girls

  1. Lol. Kids these days. When I was 10 I wanted to know the size of the tree in the back yard I was about to climb.

  2. Haha, this is a great post! :)
    Like you it’s also not a major concern of mine to keep up with the latest technology… mainly because, more often than not, I find myself a little of the poor side. :’)
    But from now on I’m going to see it as not being defined by my possessions! :3

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